The Renault ZE electric cars tested

Yes, in this exclusive video you’ll find out all you need to know about the forthcoming electric range of cars from Renault. Bob gets full access to the new passenger Fluence and roars off for a drive, ok there’s no roaring but there is some whistling from the car.

  • Robin

    On your youtube channel you asked to post any questions regarding Electric cars, which you would answer when you review the electric Fluence. Putting my question up here in hopes of getting noticed:

    ‘A question I’ve pondered about for electric cars, especially now that it’s starting to be very cold in the mornings and during the day. Since these electric cars have no engine powered by noisy, fiery explosions, how do they produce heat to warm up the inside of the car to make it less of a fridge? It should draw power from the batteries … but how does that affect the number of miles you can run before yer battery is dead? I’m guessing heating air on batterypower is quite … consuming’

    • Bob Flavin

      Never fear Robin, I saw your question on you-tube. There is an answer to that question already, with the car being cold on a frosty morning you will use a lot more battery power to defrost everything. I’m told it will be about 15% less efficient than normal.
      However, there is an ability of the electric cars to be switched on while plugged in, that way it will heat its self from the mains.
      I’ll check with Renault on Monday to see if that info has changed.