Tom Tom Sat Nav now with live traffic


I normally test cars but most recently I’ve been sent some products to review, the surprise among them is a new sat nav from Tom Tom. It says that it can help you avoid traffic by getting live updates along the way; needless to say I was suspicious of this because my last sat nav, a Garmin, didn’t know that the Red Cow roundabout wasn’t a roundabout anymore.

These days most smart phones come with a sat nav built in but most of them are clunky and have limited search functions, especially Nokia which thought I was in Merrion Square, Dublin when I was in Regents Street, London.

No such problems with Tom Tom, it pin points your position very quickly. Picking a destination is easy if you have an exact address, you can type it or even speak it into the unit and it returns the fastest route. If you don’t have an exact address or maybe you just have a business name there’s a Google search function. Most of the time it seems to work but sometimes it’s a hit and miss simply because Google is such a monster the amount of returned results can be a little overwhelming. That same monster search engine can be checked to find anything including business names, even generic terms like “car dealership” can be entered and filtered to the locality.

The other very cool function is traffic alert, I travel to Dublin at least once a week so I decided to give the traffic system a go.

There must be a touch of witchcraft in the Tom Tom because when it told me there was 8 minutes of hold ups between me and Dublin it was bang on. You can avoid big hold ups altogether by using the divert function, the sat nav will reroute you around the problem if possible. I have travelled elsewhere in the country and I’ve yet to catch it out. It even knew about traffic restrictions when the Queen was here.

It’s an amazing leap forward for mapping in Ireland; the live function really does make planning your journey much easier, it’s free for the first year but there’s a charge for the service after that.

It feels substantial and tough, the very smart holder sticks to anything and magnets hold the unit in place.

It also has the locations of fixed speed cameras and waypoint journeys so you can go to Cork via Sligo should you want to. The Go Live 1000 is available in a shop near you for €299.99 RRP; it’s second to none for Irish roads.