MicksGarage.ie makes car parts simple

Buying any products on-line comes with some worries, what if it’s the wrong part? What if I can’t return it? Can I trust the company that’s selling it?

The problems become even worse when you’re trying to buy some parts for your car.

Back in 2004 MicksGarage.ie came on the scene and many thought that it would just fizzle out because at that time you bought your parts from a man in a jacket who only thought in part numbers and using some kind of witchcraft mixed with a little guesswork told you what part you needed to replace the CV joint on your prized car. I know all this because I used to be one of those parts men; I spent my time doling out car parts to Mechanics and novices alike.

So MicksGarage.ie is still here and not only has the web site had a complete overhaul but now it has over 800,000 parts for sale! I had to have a look at the site and see how it shaped up compared to the oily men who inhabit most of the aftermarket motor factors of the country.

Firstly, I have to mention that the site looks brilliant, easy to navigate and straight forward. Once upon a time I needed to know the make, model and engine size of a car before I could begin to look up any part in the books. Things are different now, all you need is the reg number and what kind of part you are looking for, be it an oil filter or a set of brake pads there’s a listing for your car.

We here at The Next Gear wish all the team at MicksGarage all the best with the new site and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more people trying out the service in the near future.