Who’d have thought that a marketing slogan could provoke such a reaction and be as memorable as ‘VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK’.

Way back in 1971 the famous slogan made its debut in a German publicity campaign but it wasn’t until 1983 that it was used in the UK, soon after there were many people asking the same question; what does VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK mean?

‘Advancement through technology’ is the answer to that question but you knew that didn’t you? Well, didn’t you?

Things may have changed in the car world since 1971 but one thing that still remains, Audi still make great cars, Quattro, all-LED lighting, head-up displays, MMI with Google mapping functionality and in-car WLAN internet connectivity.

All the staff at The Next Gear salute Audi, we loved the A7 and we are really looking forward to the A6 in the next few weeks.

We Irish have a saying too, Is féidir linn. Lets hope we can live up to that slogan as well as Audi have lived up to theirs.