All the Way Round hits the road this weekend

As you may know, there are a group of guys on who have gotten together over the last couple of years to raise money for Barretstown gang camp. They take a bank holiday and drive all around the coast of Ireland, last year they raised €7,000.

This weekend they are off again on the 1300km route that will take them through 50 towns. If you see them, give a little money as all money raised goes to Barretstown.

Here’s a map of the route
Here is the route outline by day in Google maps.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

If you want to put your hand in your pocket and donate, just head over to and click the “sponsor me now” button, any amount no matter how big or small is welcome.

If you want to follow the action you’ll find one of the guys taking part is blogging and tweeting about the run, Jonathan’s Giulietta Page and his Twitter feed @AutoMyMind.