Dream five car garage.

Ok I am going to start this piece off with an assumption and that assumption is that if you are a regular visitor to The Next Gear then there is an element of petrol head in you. You can name every star car in every great car film ever made. You can rhyme of the names of all production cars that can crack 200mph and you can tell me what supercar made a good hash of killing The Stig. Working on that assumption I am also going to assume that at some point, somewhere you have dreamed up your ultimate five car garage.


We have all done it – in the same way we have we have all spent our Lotto millions but this time I want to set some criteria. Your five cars must fit into certain segments and those segments are as follows.


Classic car: Something to work on in the garage or out on the driveway when the sun is shining. A car that gets broken out when the weather suits and spends the rest of the year being cosseted like a new born baby.

Family car: Possibly something for your respective other to drive but that you would not be ashamed to take out for a spin to the shops. Must be big enough to take kids, dog, a weeks shopping and when needs be the contents of B&Q or Currys.

Daily driver: The car you take to the office every day. Nothing more complicated than that really.

Euromillions / money no object car: The car you have promised yourself when that infernal machine finally decides to pick your six numbers. I expect to see all manner of high powered exotica or maybe I’m wrong and you will plumb for an uber rare Ferrari/Porsche/Jag whatever.

Track car: For those times when your road car just isn’t enough. Exploit the unregulated tracks and take your toy to its limit.

So there you have your criteria lets see what you come up with. To give you some inspiration here is my five car garage and the reasons why.


Classic: Porsche 356 Speedster

I’m not sure whether it was Kelly McGillis in Top Gun or Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours that first introduced me to the 356 but since then I have wanted one like no other car. Yes I know it is essentially a Volkswagen Beetle in fancy clothes but there is something about the lines of the car that just scream ‘You want me’ in my direction every time I see one.




Family: VW Touareg V10 TDI

In these time of high fuel prices a diesel car has to warrant a consideration as a family car. Yeah right who am I kidding? Despite being powered by the fuel of Satan the big five litre engine is only marginally better for the environment than the 4.2 litre V8 petrol but it will outdrag a Mitsubishi Evo, has enough torque to pull a Boeing 747 and can easily accommodate my brood and the latest in the line from Zannusi. Perfect!




Daily: Audi RS6 Avant

There was only ever one car for this slot and in fact it could also qualify for the Family car aswell but that would involve letting the wife drive it! The Audi RS6 Avant and not the newer models either. I want the twin turbocharged 4.2 litre V8 C5 shaped car. Four hundred and forty odd horsepower with five hundred and sixty Newton metres of torque make this the consummate motorway muncher and ideally suited to being my daily driver. Add to that the fact that this was the car that effectively started the German power struggle that has seen Audi, Mercedes and BMW fight tooth and nail to out do each other and you have the ideal combination.


Euromillions: Porsche Carrera GT

Yes I could have all manner of prancing horses, rampaging bulls,  insanely fast Swedish hypercars or even a quasi French marque with a German heart but there is something about the thought process that says ‘we cant use our engine in motorsports? Fine we will stick it in a road car’ that appeals. It’s not the best looking, fastest, purest and all manner of adjectives but who cares. Decision like that are for times when you are spending your own hard earned cash not when you have just taken a substantial windfall. That’s when heart over rules brain and my heart wants a Carrera GT.


Track: Nissan GT-R SpecV

My list do far has been decidedly European – no actually scratch that decidedly German and while I could plumb for a Porsche GT3 RS as my track toy its time to open it up to the rest of the world and what better car than the one designed to take the Porsche on in its own back yard. It may have more computer based acronyms than everything bar than latest S-Class Mercedes but yet it only really feels like the computers are cutting in just as you run out of talent. I was lucky enough to take a ride in the non SpecV version a few years back and wow – the track biased V can only be even more so.


So go on add yours up – sure its a bank holiday weekend what else would you be doing?