• Tom

    Great review! I just drove one and love it.

    • thenextgear

      Thanks Tom, I think it’s great value for money. Are you buying one?

  • I was impressed when I drove one too, but did spend half the time blindfolded (whilst driving), but could chuck it about quite well, and well specced.

    • thenextgear

      Umm, blindfolded?

  • Bob Clarke

    I’ve ordered mine, impatiently waiting for it.
    Months away yet.
    Take your video drive just to remember why I wait.

    • Bob Flavin

      Best of luck with it Bob, it will be worth the wait.

  • Mick Jones

    Good review Bob. Thanks

  • Hendra Jr.

    A very nice review, Bob.
    It seem that you are testing manual version of the KIA Sportage on this video, is it ?? How about the automatic transmission ?? I heard that KIA Sportage’s automatic transmission is not so good and unresponsive.
    Let me know your opinion on this issue. Thank you Bob.