Kia Naimo electric concept stars in Seoul


The strangely named Naimo was released at the Seoul motor show, taking its name from the Korean word “Ne-mo”, (pronounced ‘Neh-mo’, meaning ‘square shape’), the Naimo electric crossover utility vehicle (CUV) was conceived by Kia’s international design team in Seoul, and is characterized principally by its simple lines and solid, muscular stance.
I see what they mean by square shape, but judging by the improvements in design coming out of Kia lately it might be something we see on Irish roads at some stage.
The concept car has no B-pillars and features rear-hinged rear doors to maximize easy access to the cabin, and a three-way split opening trunk, allows versatile access to the load bay for varying luggage sizes.

Power comes from a PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) electric motor with a maximum output of 80 kW (109 ps) and maximum torque of 280 Nm, enabling Naimo to reach a top speed of 150 kph (93 mph).

Kia has some cool cars at the moment, we are looking forward to driving the very sexy looking Sportage in the next couple of weeks. Who knows, we might be looking forward to driving the Naimo in a couple of years too.