*Warning you’ll be excited*, Alfa 4C concept

Here’s what Alfa brought to Geneva, I think I need to go back to bed now, sexy or what?

World Premiere: The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept


– Alfa Romeo 4C Concept previews new supercar due to go on sale in 2012
– Four-cylinder turbo engine from Alfa Giulietta Cloverleaf gives Alfa 4C its name
– The compact two-seater boasts carbon-fibre monocoque, RWD, Alfa TCT
– Thanks to predicted 850kg kerb weight, performance and emissions will impress

Press Release:

The exciting new Alfa Romeo 4C Concept makes its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. A compact, mid-engined supercar, the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is every bit as dramatic as you might expect from an Italian thoroughbred, not only in terms of its styling and presence but also in terms of performance and technical innovation.

Around four metres in length and with a wheelbase of less than 2.4m there is nothing superfluous about the two-seat Alfa 4C Concept, and with a carbon-fibre monocoque and four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine (hence the “4C” name), it is as lightweight as it is compact. Alfa Romeo engineers predict a kerb weight as low as 850kg when the 4C goes into production in the second half of 2012, an impressive figure that would actually make Alfa’s latest supercar some 50kg lighter than a Fiat 500.

Almost by default, low weight practically guarantees high performance and agile dynamics but Alfa Romeo is nonetheless taking no chances: The rear wheels are driven by the same direct-injection, 1,750cc, turbo petrol engine that powers the Alfa Giulietta Cloverleaf via Alfa Romeo’s new “Alfa TCT” twin, dry-clutch transmission to ensure seamless power delivery and control even in the most extreme driving situations.

Peak power has yet to be determined but top speed will exceed 250km/h and the 0-100km sprint will be dispatched in less than 5 seconds. Thanks to Alfa Romeo’s DNA system, which will be standard, there will also be three distinct driving modes which the driver can alternate between depending on how the 4C is being used.

Chassis-wise, the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept employs an extremely sophisticated layout (double-wishbone up front, MacPherson struts at the rear) and when this is combined with weight distribution more akin to a race car (40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear) it should make for an exciting and agile driving experience, even by Alfa Romeo’s high standards.

The 4C goes on sale in the second half of 2012 and prices have yet to be determined, although given its predicted low CO2 output it should represent great value for Irish customers. An annual production run of 1,500 is planned but that number can easily be increased depending on global demand. The Alfa Romeo 4C will be sold in right-hand drive and it will also spearhead Alfa Romeo’s return to North America in 2012.