• Barry White

    I had no idea the Mazda 6 was so cool looking, really nice looking car! I was just about to buy a Mondeo, I’ll go look at the Mazda first though….Cheers Bob!

  • Peter Delaney

    Great video, you’re really coming on leaps and bounds! Love the music too, great production. I didn’t know Mazda made such a nice looking car

  • Anne Boyle

    Hi Bob, we are big fans of yours down in Wexford! This is your best video yet, please make more I’d miss my weekly dose of the Next Gear. Better than TopGear any day!

  • Anita Robertson

    Hi guys, just stumbled this site and what a find! I love the videos, Bob is dead sexy and that Mazda is verrrry cool.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Donnchadh71

    Hi Guys, I’ve just ordered the new Mazda 6 2.2 Diesel Sport SE Saloon in Silver from Grannell Motors in Wexford (should receive it on Friday). I was torn between the Octavia, Passat & Mazda 6 but after viewing your test drive and driving the cars myself, I decided to give Mazda a go. It’s a fabulous car to drive & seems to be fantastic value for money compaired the competition, Full Leather, Heated Seats, Parking Sensors, Climate, Cruise Control & 18in Alloys all as standard!! Downside is that Mazda dont offer factory fit Sat Nav as an option, guess I’ll just have to use the iPhone for directions. Cheers Bob

    • thenextgear

      Hi Donnchadh, I’m very glad we could be of help. You made the right choice, Mazda have upped the game with the current 6. Out of your list of cars it’s the one I would have picked, actually it might be my next car if I ever get around to buying something!
      A real driver picks the Mazda, I hope you have many happy years of motoring. Let me know if you need any help.