The Irish Times car show stand

It’s been a long time since there’s been a decent car show in Dublin. Despite outside factors going against the show such as our most important election in the history of the state and not forgetting that Geneva is on, there was still a decent show to see in Dublin.
In the main hall most of the car brands were on show, with the timing of the show it was hard for some to bring anything really new, all the prototypes will be gone to Geneva. Those that are doing electric cars had them there; Renault brought the Kangoo van that will go on sale here in the autumn. Nissan had the rather cool looking Leaf that’s already on sale here; I got the chance to take pictures of both below.
Almost everything in the main display is on sale, a huge range of cars from every manufacturer were cleaned, open and ready to examine. It was interesting to see just how many people were poking into the cabins of all the cars; staff had brochures and interest forms at the ready for everyone.
Another interesting thing to see was Volkswagen had brought along their own bank, although Bank of Ireland was there I didn’t see anyone approach the stand, however there was a few people talking at the VW bank stand.
It was great to see Shane Teskey and the team from with their own stand at the show, he had an example of a crashed car there for all to see along with a computer to do the checks right there on the stand. A completely home grown business continues to grow its fan base because they are approachable and the service is infinitely easy to use.
In the back hall there was a rather fine display of both performance cars like the Gallardo, Mercedes SLS and a Ferarri 612 Scaglietti to name but a few.
The only complaint I’d have is the ticket price, it was €15 per adult on Saturday, now that may seem reasonable for Ireland but the imminent Geneva car show is €16 for a ticket, you could literally fit the whole of the Dublin show into one of the stands for Mercedes. That said it was certainly worth a look for prospective car buyers, petrol heads or anyone with a passing interest in cars. Hopefully it comes back again next year with a bigger range of cars, and things to do.
Here’s some pictures I took on the day.

Audi A7 sportback

Customers of Opel

No Kylie, just the car

Audi A8


The Nissan Leaf

Kangoo ZE

The interactive Renault stand