BMW bring Vision EfficientDynamics in Dublin

Yesterday I was treated to a rare thing, being able to get near a 3m Euro BMW prototype, even seeing inside it. A bigger treat was speaking to one of the designers of the car, Felix Baerlin spoke about the wool used in the seats of the car and how all the items on the car should have two jobs to save weight, even the hinges for the doors incorporate the rear view mirrors it became an interesting insight into the murky world of car design.

BMW are launching an assault on the EV market, even to the point of making a sub brand of the BMW group called BMW-i which will see an i-3 a four seat all electric car, and a car that should look something like the prototype pictured the i-8 running on a 1.5ltr diesel hybrid set up. BMW have disposed of the rule book, the design team we told that if they had to they could re-invent the car from scratch. For instance, the car they brought with them didn’t go through the usual clay stage, instead they built the scale models out of folded paper and bits of foam.

The Irish press was very lucky to have seen the car yesterday, it won’t be going on to anything else just straight back to the museum. I spoke to John Ives who is the MD of BMW Ireland, he was very confident of the market being there for the EV brand of BMW and I have to say, if the production car looks anything like the prototype I’ll be queuing for a test drive.

With a little video to follow shortly, here’s the pictures, what do you think folks?

Some of the crowd

Felix Baerlin and John Ives

The design process

The birth of a car