Ford Galaxy 2.0 Diesel Powershift Giha

There are times when all you need is a 5 door hatchback to get you about the place, by the same token there are times when you need a van to lug some load of furniture home from the shops. Sometimes you just want to move your whole family and all their belongings on a long weekend, if any of the above is your goal in life then fear not there is a car for you. It is the Ford Galaxy.
They are the kind of car you see parked around the edges of the shopping centre because they are too big to fit into normal parking bays, there’s good reason for this the Galaxy is nearly 5 meters long, this is no bad thing because you can fit a galaxy into the car along with people.
To say the Galaxy is big might be a bit of an understatement, in 5 seat mode there’s room for 5 big adults and most of the Milky Way in the boot, with the seats down there’s 2325ltrs of space and that’s near van size. With all 7 seats up there’s 308ltrs of useful space and room for 7 people without removing anybody’s legs.
Throughout the week I had the car most of my journeys took me to Dublin where the powershift box comes into its own, being stuck in traffic in any car is a pain but it doesn’t seem as bad when you don’t have to change gears. The 2.0TDCi engine puts out 140bhp and it does a good gob of getting the huge car about, it’s not bad on the fuel either, I got 7ltrs/100km over the week which is good for an automatic.
As always in the modern Ford range there’s great materials used throughout the cabin, a Sony stereo coupled to some good speaker’s standard in the Giha spec, one thing that was lacking, Bluetooth for hands free. All the buttons were there on the stereo but no hands fee in a big family car is a no no. I would gladly do without the auto headlamps, wipers and dimming rear view mirror for the phone.

Everything is where is should be in the cabin layout, there’s tonnes of storage boxes both around and above the driver. All along the length of the roof there are drop down boxes for extra storage.
If you are in need of a big 7 seat car with lots of storage or a simply huge 5 seat car with more storage than you can use and you can spare €40,295 then look no further than the Galaxy. The Giha model that I drove costs €48,240 and is quite simply the best motorway cruiser; just put some pressure on your dealer for the Bluetooth.

Full spec of test car.
Galaxy Ghia
2.0TDCi 140PS Powershift Automatic
5 Door
VRT – Band D
CO2 – 159
Body Colour – Moondust Silver
Price from €48,420
Ford Galaxy entry model from €40,295
(All prices exclude delivery and related charges)