Mazda Launch the all new 5

Yesterday morning I went along to the launch of the new Mazda 5, it was held in Carton House a rather fantastic country retreat that’s worth looking around if you have a spare half hour; there are some lovely rooms and a rather post modern lobby. Anyway the launch, Mazda have rationalised the company putting the people who matter to the front and making cuts where it can which all amounts to a leaner fitter company altogether. You get the impression that Mazda are willing to try very hard indeed to get you the buying customer into the drivers’ seat of their current line up, it’s a refreshing approach, even down to carrying out mystery shopper exercises on their own dealers.

The new Mazda 5 is surprising to look at, from the outside it looks like a big car but from the drivers’ seat it feels no bigger than a standard saloon car. It’s in the second and third row where this car competes, the second row can have the centre squab folded into one of the seats and replaced with a storage bin or cup holders. The second row of seats fold flat, slide and recline, plus there’s real comfort in the seats especially the leather ones. The third row is much more straight forward, one pull on the tab and you have a flat floor and a tonne of room. All this seat flipping has a name in Mazda, Karakuri. To me it just looks clever.

The Karakuri seats

The neatest trick is the sliding doors, on the base model they are easy to pull out of the way giving perfect access to the rear seats, but on the sport model they are powered which means you can open them from the key fob, pull the handle or press some buttons from the drivers’ seat and that will make you look cool in front of your friends, it would be worth buying a 5 just to see the expression on peoples faces when you open the back doors of the car while carrying a load of shopping.

Out on the road there have been huge improvements to both ride and handling, there’s decent feed back through the steering wheel and its quiet, the 1.6ltr 115 ps engine pulls well and coupled to a snappy 6 speed box keeps the whole driving experience unfussy.

Once you start to talk about price you’ll see why the 5 is such a good package.

Retail  Price CO2 Emissions Annual Road Tax
All New Mazda5
MAZDA5 1.6D 5DR Comfort (115ps) €24,995 138 €156
MAZDA5 1.6D 5DR Executive (115ps) €25,995 138 €156
MAZDA5 1.6D 5DR Executive SE (115ps) €26,995 138 €156
MAZDA5 1.6D 5DR Sport (115ps) €29,995 138 €156

*Price excludes Dealer related charges.

spec sheets mazda5

Pictures and Video to follow shortly, watch this space

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