• Mark

    Think you could do with editing the music a bit better. Cannot hear you over the music at times.

    Other feedback:

    No video or analysis of what you think of rear room or boot space for example?

    No conclusion or summary at the end of your overall opinion?

    Overall good effort compared to some of the dodgy “motoring journalists” in Ireland.

    • thenextgear

      Hi Mark, thanks for the comments. I certainly take on what you say about the sound, I’ll try fixing that for the next one.
      The length of time people will watch a video for varies greatly, it’s very hard to fit it all in. For most of the cars a text review follows close behind the video. In the text we tend to go into detail about dimensions and dynamics of each car.

      I’ll take the last bit as a complement 😀

  • David

    Great video review. Nice to actually listen to someone that gets the point of this car! Keep up the great work…

    • Bob Flavin

      Thanks David. We work very hard to bring you all the latest cars for review. There’s lots more to come.