What’s in a name?

Hello there, I hope you have stuffed yourselves with Turkey and all the trimmings, I hope you got all you wished for but that you still want more, before you think about Turkey curry and New Years Eve, I’m sure some of you more keen eyed readers will have noticed, there have been some changes on the web site. Don’t worry we haven’t been bought out or has there been a hostile take over; it’s all in the name.

You see this web site was never meant to be called smokerspack, it was only meant to be a holding name until a better one came along, but it got too busy, there were far to many other things to be doing. Now that there’s time for thinking and reflecting on things a new name is born. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you thenextgear.com a new name with the same old faces you’ve seen on the site before, there’s also some new people coming on board to help make the site great.

Come the 4th of January there will be a new look and feel to the site, the really nice guys in Webotic are working right this minute to make sure it all goes smoothly for the new site.

Thinking into 2011 we still have lots of cool cars to come, there’s a video for the Alfa Giulietta, a challenge for the S-Max, a real drive for one of the last few sports cars on sale in Ireland the Nissan 370z. That’s just a couple of things for January, I haven’t mentioned the all new Mondeo or the Audi A7, Renault Wind…. The list goes on.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who emailed, subscribed, commented or asked question over the last few months, to those who met me in the street or asked me what the cameras were for. Without all of you the site wouldn’t exist, so thank you for dropping by and showing an interest in what we have to say about cars, I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas, please have a safe and peaceful New Year.

Here’s to 2011 and all who sail in her!