The big lump of news

I have of late been a little remiss with my reporting of the news, I should do more to keep up but most of the news is fairly boring. We do our best to be your news filter so here’s the latest interesting headlines.

The rather cool people over at Fiat have scooped some interesting awards. Our friends over at Topgear have awarded the new twin air engine of the year. The two cylinder 875cc engine was described as “A little bundle of energy, charm and downright saintliness to prove our good old friend the gasoline engine is still alive and very much kicking.”
I’m still waiting to have a go in the twin air, as soon as I do expect videos and some writing. Have a look at for more details.

Our pals over in have named the Alfa Giulietta “Most Interesting Premium Hatchback” you should have a look at the ezine they put out for December, it’s worth reading. We have just finished testing the Giulietta so you can expect a video from us shortly, but is a huge Alfa Romeo fan and I can tell you the Giulietta didn’t let us down in the driving experience.

The rather funky looking Fiat Uno has won car of the year in Brazil, here’s a picture for you I hope it goes on sale here as I like the look of it. There’s some other pictures, one of a Fiat camper van I thought there might be some of you out there that like that sort of thing.