Listen up you Americans….

We Europeans like our cars, we make cars that handle corners and stuff, and like you can’t be taking our cars over there. However, there is one car that’s being made in Mexico and has had some design changes to better suit the North American driver.

Fiat have unveiled the 500 for the North American market, Prices start at $15,500, not including taxes and dealer charges which sounds cheap too me for what amounts to being probably the most fashionable and best handling car on the American market. All are powered by Fiat’s award-winning 1.4-litre MultiAir engine which is a lovely buzzy little thing.

Every North American Fiat 500 model is equipped with the 101hp 1.4 litre MultiAir engine and a five speed manual transmission as standard, with a specially-developed, six-speed automatic transmission available as a $1,000 option. Three trim levels are offered (Pop, Lounge and Sport) with the entry-level Pop boasting air conditioning, cruise control and seven airbags.

So if you’re in America and you’re into cars you need to get down the Fiat showroom and book a test drive. We tested the 500c recently, you can see the video here