Another big lump of news

Umm, a Micra

First off, Nissan are recalling up too 2.5 million cars worldwide and out of those up to 7000 are Irish cars. Don’t panic, there’s a problem with the relay system that can cause the car to stall or stop. Micra’s and Note’s made between 2003 and 2006 are the affected Irish cars but it might include the Cube, Tiida saloon and Titan pick-up in other markets. Nissan will be in touch with the owners and the fix is a simple one, it should take no more than 15 minutes and will be free of charge.

Renault and Tom Tom are introducing the Go Live 1000 system. It’s a traffic alert system that can re-direct you around congested parts of the country and knows all the latest speed zones. While the Go Live 1000 is a new sat nav €279 you can have the Speed enforcement as an upgrade, see for further details.

In more news from Renault, there must be little party happening in the Renault Ireland headquarters as Renault is about to score a hat trick. Figures for October indicate that Renault will be the number number one selling manufacturer for the month. With 916 registrations recorded to date, a massive 465 ahead of Toyota with 403 registrations, it’s very possible that the manufacturer will break the 1,000 threshold. Something that hasn’t been done since March of this year.
The statistics show that Renault is currently dominating the Top 10 Model list with an unprecedented First, Second and Third place finish guaranteed.
My favourite car from the Renault line up the Fluence is currently placed at number one with 328 registrations, the Megane currently occupies second place with 275 units and the Clio follows closely in third position with 271. Fourth place goes to Volkswagen with 153 registrations for its popular Golf model.
You can check the results for yourself on