• jim cotter

    good video. impressed with car

    • Bob Flavin

      We just filmed another Fluence today, and automatic version, so there’ll be a new video this week

  • I must say this is a very honest description of the car & engine. I have seen and been in a Fluence diesel and its a real beauty. We are on our third Renault Megane diesel — all have this engine DCI 106 and this engine is as good as anything on the market. Some writers say : oh it takes so many seconds from 0–60 , so what, do you really need to rip the tyres off a car to prove a point and burn up fuel. Speaking of fuel, on a trip to Scotland we filled it near the Carrickdale Hotel on the border and again near the bridge for The Isle of Skye — almost 71 miles per gallon and I would prefer that than 0–60 in a couple of seconds — makes more sense.

    • Bob Flavin

      Hi John, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you agree with our run down on the Fluence. The whole point of the car is value for money and at the moment there isn’t really any other car on the market that can offer the equipment level and comfort of the Fluence.
      The 0-60 times of all the cars in the Fluence segment are about the same, so quoting the time is of no use. The 1.5dci engine has been around for years without any trouble in both Renault and Nissan line up so no worries there. We’ve had the Fluence on test 3 times in the last year and every time it goes back with lots of diesel left in the tank.
      There is an electric version due out in 2012 and I for one can’t wait for the test.
      Keep in touch if you want to ask us anything.