Stig who?

The Stig at the British International Motor Sh...

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As you all know I am a huge fan of what Topgear do, they bring us a form of entertainment that nothing else can supply. They manage to be somewhat educational while feeding the beast that lives in every true petrolhead, there’s also that underlying humour that goes through every show. Part of that humour is provided by the Stig, the race they all had across London with the Stig on the underground, between ‘mind the gap’ and a Coronation street ring tone I was laughing my head off and Stig hadn’t said a word, he never does.

The guessing at his real identity has been going on for years, but do we really want to know who he is? I don’t care who he is because I know the anti-climax that will happen when we all eventually find out who’s in the white suit, the mystery will be gone and that’s a shame.

Say what you like about the BBC or the Topgear team, they provide us with a worthwhile distraction, the BBC are right to be taking people to court, the have invested a huge amount of time, money and effort into making the show what it is and the Stig is part of that show.

I don’t care who’s in the white suit, but shame on the person for trying to take the limelight off his part in the show, you might as well take the helmet off and do the show then but then there would be no Stig and crucially no job.

Please let Mr. Willman and the team get on with the next series, and let the fans get on with watching what we like, James, Jeremy, Richard and The Stig.

Peace out