Episode 5: the post-show discussion (via Transmission – BBC Top Gear)

Last night Topgear really let us know just how good Topgear can be. The slowest man on TV (James May) becomes, briefly, the fastest man in the world. Richard got very sideways driving down a ski slope in a Tuareg. The Americans invaded and completely murdered the track times, I really did think Tom Cruise was going to be killed on Gambon corner, they turned out to be the best guests Topgear have ever had.
Then Jeremy topped off the whole show with a homage to Ayrton Senna, it was a fantastic piece of film making for a fantastic driver, it gives an insight to just how good the Topgear production people can be, and the shear effort that goes into each series.
Sad part, there’s only one episode left this season, what do we do now folks??

Episode 5: the post-show discussion Well, there you go. Jeremy on Ayrton Senna, James in the fastest car the world has ever seen, snowy speed-based Swedish fun with Richard, and those two American film-stars who definitely know how to handle a cheap Korean hatchback. Let us know what you thought of this season’s penultimate show. I think it’s fair to say we were pretty happy with this one. If you missed it, it’s on iPlayer right now (if you’re in the UK). It’s been a busy week, so … Read More

via Transmission – BBC Top Gear