BMW M3's being used as Safety cars in Mondello

BMW Ireland has supplied 2 new M3’s for safety cars at Ireland’s premier race track. John Ives, Managing Director BMW Group Ireland said “The BMW M3 wrote one of the most successful chapters in the history of the automobile and in international motorsport alike. The BMW M3 has always felt confident in both worlds – on the street and on the track. We are pleased that we can this year supply Ireland’s most important race track with a type of vehicle that has been of huge influence for the racing scene and for car enthusiasts around the world for the last 25 years. No other car would be a better fit for Mondello Park,”
The pedigree of the BMW M cars as race track vehicles is well established with the M range in use as the official cars of MotoGP for the last twelve years. The cars supplied to Mondello Park are similar to the M3s used by MotoGP and will carry a similarly striking colour scheme.
One of the two M3’s will be fitted out as a safety car while the other will be a course car and during the week to show guests and corporate clients around the venue.
“The arrival of sports legends like these M3s will lift the profile of Race Events and the venue as a whole. The supreme performance level of the cars is ideal for the race track and these new BMW M3s will be of huge value for Mondello Park. We couldn’t be more thrilled”, says John Morris, Managing Director at Mondello Park.
Well John if you’re ever looking for a driver, or feel the need “show” me around the track get in touch. Untill then here are some pictures for you too look at.

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