Aston Martin Cygnet concept

Morning people, after watching the rather excellent episode of Topgear on Sunday I got some emails asking about the Cygnet piece the lads did in the news. So after blasting a couple of emails off here’s the details.

Aston has to bring down the Co2 levels of their cars, and as Aston don’t really do anything but V12 or V8 engines they have decided to make the Cygnet, there’s no details of the engine in this car yet but you can bet there won’t be a V8 howl coming out if it, it will be a hybrid or electric low Co2 engine of some kind.

Aston Martin Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez says “Many of our customers have a need for a small car for urban and city use,” in other words if you own a DB9 you need a Cygnet so you can park in a city, he continues “The Cygnet Concept brings intelligence, innovation and artistry to the small car market. The Cygnet Concept represents the natural choice for those customers looking for a premium commuter car.” “Our past, our future and our backbone will always remain sports cars, but the Cygnet Concept will support this by offering our customers a greater degree of freedom in the urban context.”

In a press release Aston say: As a luxury commuter car that can slip easily and unobtrusively into the city, the Cygnet Concept is a highly intelligent solution to urban mobility. Using tried and tested technology, together with Aston Martin’s acclaimed levels of personalisation and customisation, material quality, craft skill and tactile delight, the Cygnet Concept is innovative and forward-thinking, a genuine solution for future mobility and a natural partner for Aston Martin’s line-up of acclaimed luxury sports cars.

It’s not going to be very unobtrusive now is it. More pictures below…have a good day folks

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