Skoda Superb 1.9TDI 2007

Superb, it’s a great name for a car but it is a big word to live up to, especially when your company name is Skoda. For years now Skoda have made good cars, and buying one meant getting a cheap but decent car. Apart from the RS models there’s nothing too exciting in the Skoda line up, but you don’t buy a Skoda to be exciting, you buy it because you want a decent sized car that starts everyday, cheap to buy and run.
To say the Superb is decent sized is an understatement; it’s big on the outside and huge on the inside, but more of that later. From the outside it’s bland looking, it’s hard to tell is apart from its little brother the Octavia. The boot space is 462ltr and the boot lid opens really wide allowing great access, you can drop the rear seats and even fold the passenger seat flat to allow you carry really long items.
It’s the interior where the Superb comes into it own, there’s everything you need in there. A very stylish black and cream leather interior with lovely design touches, the touches of chrome around the curved ventilation slots is reflected in the drivers’ dials. The drivers’ seat is incredibly comfortable, and adjusts in all directions. The climate control is a small screen at the bottom of the dash, that makes it a little fiddly and hard to see when you’re on the move.
In the back seat there is more room than I’m used to in a saloon, even with the driver seat set for my height I had inches to spare, it really does feel more limousine than saloon, even better the rear passengers get their own air vents. There really is a feeling of luxury in the cabin, everything is so well put together, even in this 2007 model there’s no real signs of wear on any of the surfaces.
Out on the road the 1.9TDI engine is quiet and relentless, the power delivery is constant across the rev range, the 105bhp isn’t that powerful but it’s enough to get you where you want to go, it’s economical though, you’ll get 40-45mpg in real world driving. The 6 speed gear box allows for easy motorway cruising, and this is where the Superb is at home, it’s hard to think of a more comfortable long distance cruiser in this segment. On the back roads it handles fairly well for its size, the steering is weighted nicely and the gearbox is short and snappy which gives a nice urgent feel to the driving experience. Parking is easy with the rear sensors, but I wouldn’t like to try it without them, visibility is fine out the rear it’s just that you can’t see where the car ends, it’s the same story out the front and there’s no parking aids there which makes it tricky enough to park in front on spaces.

There’s a lot to like about the Superb, the cabin space, the seating position, the ability to stretch out in the rear and the fuel economy. This has the feel of a luxury car but it’s all wrapped up in what amounts to be an anonymous exterior, except for it’s size you might loose it in Dunne’s car park, but maybe that’s just what you need, maybe you don’t want to draw attention when you cruse down the street, maybe you want to say I drive a Skoda while all the time your wrapped up in the same quality interior that you would find in an Audi.
The Superb is a car I would buy with my own money, it would be a sensible purchase, a car you would buy with your brain, it does lack a bit of soul, it’s not going to light your fire to look at, but behind the wheel you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. A brilliant car for the long haul driver, does it live up to its name? Well…..almost.

The car I drove is available from Ballybrittas Motors, its still (surprisingly) on Carzone.

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