Renault Scenic 1.5dci 2007

There comes a point in every young persons life when they think about getting off the bicycle and turning to a car. Some of them if they are lucky get their own car to hoon around in, and make no mistake they hoon from time to time, the rest of them look at Daddy’s car and wonder how they go about asking for a loan of it.

Then comes the worst conundrum of modern Fatherhood, how do you tell your son or daughter that if they scratch the car they will be killed? Or do you just say, ok take it but be careful? Knowing that your first born will be burning out your clutch or shredding your tyres on every roundabout. Well read on because I have a solution to all your car loaning problems.

Get an MPV, even if you don’t need it. There’s no 18 year old out there who wants to be seen driving in an MPV, the disgrace would be just too much, so they will just leave your car alone and go joy riding or some other youthful pass time.

That neatly brings me to today’s car, the Scenic has been around for some time now. It was the car that started the MPV market, it’s always been a good mix of practical and big. It’s not the kind of car you buy willingly, you buy it because you can’t keep your loins in check and there’s not enough room in the hatchback anymore. The thing to remember here is that you don’t get more seats in most MPV’s, just the standard 5 but you do get a taller and slightly wider car. That’s great with small kids and car seats. Sure some of them have neat seats that you can pull out of the floor, but that just gives you 5 and a bit real seats. Those extra seats a usually lost under all the crap you cart around in the boot for the kids anyway, making them effectively useless . Speaking of boot space, there’s plenty in the Scenic, and it’s a square shape so the pram and stroller will fit no problem.

There are some problems with the outgoing model though, the fuel gauge is one. It’s an led type one which has some bars on it so it’s a bit hard to know exactly how much fuel you have left. I mean does one bar mean your nearly empty? The fit and finish is good in a French sort of way, these kind of cars are all treated very hard so expect to see some missing plastic covers. All Renaults were made to disintegrate but the Scenic seems hardy enough. Most French cars get some strange electrical problems, on my test drive I get stuck behind a Megane, every time he touched the brakes the indicators came on. But that’s French.

The 1.5ltr Diesel engine is good for all kinds of driving, it will get you where you want to go. It’s the same engine in most of what Nissan do, really anywhere you see 1.5dci it’s that engine. So there you have it, a nice car all round just get it checked over before you buy.